What can I do for you?


What can I do for you?

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I'm a partner at Clickshape, a user experience focused, boutique web development agency. Find out more at

  • User Experience Design

    Interface, interaction, usability and UX consultancy

    User Experience (UX) design is all about making sure that websites and apps are easy and fun to use. This starts off with a deep and thorough understanding of the current or future users of a site or app, and then planning the structure and interface around these understandings. This approach ultimately results in achieving business goals by having happier users who spend more money, and recommend your products and services.

  • E-Commerce Strategy

    From social, search and email to website and checkout

    A solid e-commerce strategy needs to take into consideration the full journey that people take when buying something online. This starts at a research and comparison stage, involves a variety of marketing touch points (social media, PPC, SEO, email), and ends up with people entering a website, progressing through it and completing a checkout process. A seamless journey, based on a clear and thorough strategy, is essential for e-commerce success.

  • Cross Device Experience

    Content and digital experiences from desktop to mobile

    People now interact with businesses via a range of different devices, from laptops and desktops, through to tablet computers and smartphones. This is especially critical for content producers and media companies, who stand to benefit immensely if they can provide compelling and simple experiences no matter how their audience reaches them.

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User Experience Design

As a UX designer I work in the early stages of a web development project, on finding the sweet spot between business requirements, and user requirements. At this sweet spot I plan interfaces and future on-site, or in-app experiences that meet these essential criteria:

  • technically feasible (I have a strong web development and programming background)
  • Conversion optimised (efficient at converting visitors and users into paying customers)
  • Rewarding & easy (users are not only able to do what they need to do quickly and easily, but they want to tell their friends about it too)

E-Commerce Strategy

I have 10 years of e-commerce experience across a wide range of industries and disciplines. From running large PPC accounts for the largest online auto parts distributor in the USA, through designing landing pages and running affiliate programs for the largest software company in Taiwan, to developing and managing my own e-commerce stores, I have implemented solutions in the following industries: travel, fashion, electronics, automobile, web hosting & ADSL, FMCG, financial services and medicine.

By my own admission I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, but this comes in handy when formulating e-commerce strategies that need to take all the relevant elements into account: SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing, on-site usability, aesthetic design, technical considerations, mobile, and the overall user experience. Planning for a seamless online (and sometimes offline) experience for shoppers is the key to success.

Cross Device Experiences

The modern digital landscape is complicated, and filled with overwhelming opportunity when determining what devices and platforms to develop a website or app for, or which ecosystems to deliver content to. I help provide strategic advice on mobile app development, responsive web design, delivering media (especially video) effectively across a range of devices, and help with understanding the business benefits and limitations of the different approaches

I also help clients with achieving a seamless brand or content experience across different devices, so that people have similar but appropriate experiences and interactions with a brand and its content whether on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Who I've worked with

brands & testimonials

Who I've worked with

brands & testimonials

I have been lucky enough to work with some very inspirational and brilliant people. Here are some kind words from three of them. For more information, visit my Linkedin profile

  • Tim Wyatt-Gunning

    CEO - Web Africa

    We knew we had to improve our UX, but we didn't have the skills internally. A year after working with Joe, the vast improvement in our key web conversion stats gives a very loud and clear message: He is a leader in his field.

  • Cameron Ewart-Smith

    Editor in Chief - Getaway

    Joe Lawrence is a great UX designer. No matter how bad my briefing notes or my wireframe scribbles or my convoluted discussions he always seems to make usable sense from it all; he creates order out of chaos, which makes him an incredibly valuable member of our web team even though he is only a contractor. If you're looking for a web guy who gets it – look no further.

  • Tim Withers

    Head of Strategy - Synergize

    Joe is a master of all things UX and IA, but his knowledge and expertise don't stop there. During our time spent working together, he was always able to push projects to the next level in terms of strategy and concept as well. If given the opportunity to collaborate with Joe on future projects, I would seize it without a moment's hesitation.


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